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Jon Celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of his 220 lbs Weight Loss!

Jon’s story has been featured on numerous TV, radio,newspaper, magazine and blog articles. His success in helping others lose weight has also been discussed on many popular talk shows in the U.S., including The Jane Pauley Show, Hard Copy and Entertainment Tonight.

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What started out as a
Revolutionary Concept…

…has now become an international movement for total health and permanent, sustainable weight loss, with Gabriel Method Coaches in The US, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom

Meet The Gabriel Method Coaching Team

  • Desiree Manders
    Mentor & EFT Specialist

  • Brian Killian
    Fitness Specialist

  • Marjolijn Loderichs
    EFT Specialist

  • Heather Fleming
    Nutrition Specialist

  • Nadia Harper
    Detox Specialist

  • Melinda Jacobs
    Emotional Release Specialist

  • Janine Oliver
    Integrative Health Specialist
  • Smita Patel
    Smita Patel
    Mentor Coach
  • Jennifer Welch
    Jennifer Welch
    Emotional Release Specialist
  • Jon Leano
    Jon Leano
    Mentor Coach
  • Tiffany Nightingale
    Tiffany Nightingale
    Mentor Coach
  • Paula Robbins
    Paula Robbins
    Emotional Release Specialist

Do you need help losing weight?

What people are saying about
The Gabriel Method


Mother of 5 Children, Tracy, Loses 210 by addressing her ’emotional obesity’ issues.

I have lots 210lbs (95kgs). I feel truly blessed I found The Gabriel Method


Inspiring testimonial of how Myles’ weight loss affected his happiness, confidence and life

It’s not just about calories in and calories out, The Gabriel Method teaches you the full picture and how to deal with the underlying issues




Ultimate Coaching Experience member explains how The Gabriel method got her out of the diet mentality

The Gabriel Method helped me understand why my body was holding on to the weight…I stopped worrying about losing weight and the weight loss just started to happen. My weight loss is absolutely sustainable.


He was looking for a truck to crash his car into when he heard about The Gabriel Method… Amazing 165-pound total transformation!

My life seemed perfect from the outside but inside here I was wanting to die…until I heard Jon on the radio. His story resonanted with me and visualization has been the key to my weight loss and realising all the pain.



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Corky Lost 105 lbs (47 kgs)

Corky Stanton lost 47 kg (105lbs) and got his life back. Corky credits Jon Gabriel’s visualizations and transformation of his diet with helping him lose the weight and keep it off. Formerly unhappy and ill, Corky used to take 6 medications and couldn’t even tie his shoes. Now he enjoys backpacking, has a busy social life, and doesn’t need any medications, as his ailments are gone!


I was using my obesity to hide and to keep me safe, I had been on diets since I was 9 years old…The Gabriel Method changed everything…



Aurieona was 230 pounds by the time she was 16. She tried everything to lose the weight but nothing seemed to work…

When I discovered The Gabriel Method, I just felt this ‘yes’ run through my body. It just resonated with my whole being..


After attending the 2015 Omega Retreat with Jon in upstate New York, this inspired Nancy to go on a food mission and found the real key to keeping the weight off for good.

When I discovered The Gabriel Method, everything changed…



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Dave has been heavy all of his life following a childhood injury, he had dieted before and was never able to keep the weight off until he found The Gabriel Method

The Gabriel Method radically transformed my ideas about my body and my weight. I realized I had ben living with a mask on, as a way to hide my insecurities about weight.


A Single mother of 5 children, had yo-yo dieted for years until she found The Gabriel Method

Through The Gabriel Method I was able to lose 88lbs (40kgs), prior to losing the weight it was like trying to hold back the tide…




A mother of 11, Christine had tried every diet out there before find success with The Gabriel Method

The Gabriel Method taugh me how to address my emotional obesity issues and how to visualize my ideal body for sustainable weight loss


Jon Gabriel’s brother Joe loses 150lbs after attending Jon’s 5-day Transformation Retrea at the Omega Institute

The Gabriel Method provides the tools available to help with your weight loss, Jon Gabriel is a vessle for that healing energy for sustainable long-term weight loss



Are you our next super success story?

Since discovering The Gabriel Method, Anne Hines has lost 44lbs (20kgs) and dropped 8 dress sizes.

I don’t eat in the perfect ‘GM’ way and though I still work through it, I remind myself that I eat the way that works for me just as others have to find a way that works for them.


Ginger Solberg has been a yo-yo dieter for over 38 years until she discovered The Gabriel Method

The key element that changed my whole life and everything about it was visualization and The Gabriel method Support Group, this method is totally sustainable this time because I’m not dieting…



Are you our next super success story?


Overweight and dealing with severe back issues, Scott eventually reached 405 pounds. Since his Gabriel Method transformation, Scott lost the weight, and is living pain-free.

When I came across The Gabriel Method, I wanted to fully understand why diets didn’t work, which started a healthy snowball effect which ultimately led to my 150 pound weight loss.


David a London cabbie spent most of his waking life seated, and never thought he could lose weight.

After reading Jon’s book, everything just switched and the weight fell off



Busy mom loses 70lbs with The Gabriel Method

I recommend this program if you are seeking a nurturing experience and are saying, “body, I love you and want to do something incredibly healing for you!


Annabel discovered the Gabriel Method back in 2013 , which finally gave her the answers she had been looking for to lose her extra weight

My weight loss journey was more about what I gained thant what I lost…



Are you our next super success story?


Corky credits Jon’s visualizations and transformation of his diet with helping him lose the weight and keep it off.

I feel like I’m 20 years younger! Visualization was the most important part that I learned…


After reading The Gabriel Method, Smita returned to her teenage weight and has now become a Gabriel Method coach

Since I started The Gabriel Method I lost 37lbs all together, and visualization has helped me achieve where I am today. I’m really happy now!




Busy mom, Gina, found Jon’s visualizations and learning to take time for herself to be the keys to her weight loss success.

After years of dieting, The Gabriel Method was the first program that worked for me. I feel happier and my daugther can wrap her arms around me for the first time!


Since finding The Gabriel Method back in 2008, Sarah has lost over 147lbs (67kgs)

Being on The Gabriel Method, was exactly what was right for me and has helped me incredibly



Are you our next super success story?

As a journalist, Cindy was under a lot of pressure and eating all the wrong foods, she decided to quit her job and start her own personal transformation with The Gabriel Method

Since reading The Gabriel Method, Cindy learned how to balance her diet and found the combination of powerful affirmations, visualization and exercise has helped her lose 110 pounds


Gillian had been insulin dependent since she was 15 years old, and had been on high blood pressure and cholesterol meds for years, finding the Gabriel Method helped her work with her body versus against it to make life long changes.

I bought Jon’s book and started with his visualization and after 2 days I felt different. Since the start of my journey I am now off insulin, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol and feel amazing!




After a lifetime of dieting, Will lost 33lbs with The Gabriel Method

The Gabriel Method has helped me find the right way to eat by eating the nutrients and healthy foods my body needs to help keep the weight off


Marina has yo-yo dieted for most of her life and

I’ve worked with all sorts of diets, worked with nutritionists, tried different fad diets and was even considering a gastric bypass. Finding Jon Gabriel’s book was the turning point that I needed to lose the weight sustainably.



Are you our next super success story?


After a back injury that had him wheelchair bound, Paul found the strength to surrender and seek the help he needed.

I realized the power that fear had that drove me to eat the food that wasn’t serving me,through the power of thought and visualization I was able to release the weight


At age 53, Judy finally feels she’s found the right path to permanently and sustainably keep the weight off

I will never have to worry about dieting again, as I don’t and now 77lbs lighter, I’m feeling fantastic!




As a physician, Karl was under a lot of stress and working long hours which led to his 300 pound plus weight gain. He was fed up with his weight so he decided to do something about it and discovered The Gabriel Method.

As a physician I knew a lot about the biological aspects of weight gain but what helped me was the visualizations, it was like a switch that helped me lose the weight and within 6 months I lost 70 pounds.


Danielle had dieted and struggled with her weight her entire life but at age 52 everything changed…

Each time I wanted to lose the weight I went on a diet but I would gain it back plus more. I reached a point that I knew I needed to change something. I read Jon’s book and my whole life changed dramatically in a good way!



Are you our next super success story?


After going through menopause, Trudy found herself gaining weight and unable to keep it off until she read Jon’s book…

I was uncomfortable with my body, and most of the weight came on at menopause. I felt my self-confidence plummet. After reading Jon’s book the weight just started to fall off!


Through Jon’s Ultimate Coaching Experience program, Kaye was able to lose 20lbs in just under 3 months…

The Ultimate Coaching experience has provided me with a personal coach for 6 months to help me with my weight loss transformation. It’s a fantastic connection, and I’m so happy to share my journey with a coach who has also had the experience.




Amy lost 2 dress sizes with The Gabriel Method’s exclusive 1-on-1 coaching program

I started The Gabriel Method Detox program and also did the 21-Day Meditation program and foudn that this really was what I wanted to do to help my weight loss journey!


Since reading The Gabriel Method Debbie has lost 66lbs and kept it off

The Gabriel Method has changed my life…it has completely changed my lifestyle and I crave different foods now that I didn’t crave before. My husband can’t keep up with me!



Are you our next super success story?

What experts and Celebrities are saying about The Gabriel Method

Jon Gabriel provides simple, practical ways to use visualization to help reduce stress and create healthy lifestyle habits that can lead to lasting, sustainable weight loss.

Mark Hyman

M.D., author of #1 New York Times bestseller The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

Jon Gabriel teaches simple, practical ways to use your mind to totally transform your body.

Kris Carr

New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen

This book is your ultimate guide to visualizing and creating the body and health of your dreams!

James Colquhoun

filmmaker of Food Matters and Hungry for Change, best-selling author of Hungry for Change, and founder of FMTV

I love John Gabriel’s visualizations. They’ve become an integral part of my morning routine.

Khaliah Ali

daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, best-selling author, designer, and spokesperson

Brilliant! And Yet So Simple And Sensible

Dr. Nancy Sudak

he Conference Chairman American Holistic Medical Association

Jon Gabriel is one of the most conscious authentic leaders of our time. His visualizations heal the root cause of weight gain. If you’ve tried everything else and nothings worked, I highly suggest you read this book.

Brittany Watkins

founder of The Watkins Method of Tapping for Weight Loss

Jon Gabriel’s healing and deep recovery truly come through in these pages. He shows you how to use your mind to help you lose weight and repair your body at a cellular level.

Sara Gottfried

M.D., New York Times best-selling author of The Hormone Cure

Jon Gabriel is one of the most important voices in the nutrition and weight-loss universe.

Marc David

best-selling author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

If you’re doing everything correctly yet still can’t lose weight, visualization could provide the crucial missing piece of the puzzle. Highly recommended!

JJ Virgin

CNS, CHFS, celebrity nutriton and fitness expert and New York Times best-selling author

The Gabriel Method is easy, very do-able and it works!

Donna Gates

founder of Body Ecology and author of The Body Ecology Diet and Body Ecology’s Guide to Growing Younger

This Program Will Help Millions…

Ashrita Furman

Athlete and 600-time Guinness World Record Holder and Currently Holds 200 Records

When Jon talks about weight loss, I wholeheartedly believe him. He has more credentials than anyone in the weight loss field. He is living, breathing proof of what works

Howard Liebowitz

MD, FACEP, Director, Liebowitz Longevity Medicine

The ONLY Useful Book On Sustainable Weight Loss

Dr. Daphne Goldberg M.D

Member, Board of Directors, American Board of Holistic Medicine

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