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In 1990 Jon started gaining weight for no apparent reason. He tried every diet and program he could to lose weight but in the end, he just kept gaining. The more he dieted, the more he gained.


The result is arguably one of the most remarkable physical transformations of all time. Jon lost over 103 kilos without dieting and without surgery.


More About Jon Gabriel

rates the 10 Year Anniversary of his 220 lbs Weight Loss!

Jon’s story has been featured on numerous TV, radio,newspaper, magazine and blog articles. His success in helping others lose weight has also been discussed on many popular talk shows in the U.S., including The Jane Pauley Show, Hard Copy and Entertainment Tonight.


Jon’s first book The Gabriel Method is an international best seller that’s been translated in over 14 languages and is available in 60 countries.

Other Books by Jon Gabriel

Documentaries Featuring Jon



What started out as a
Revolutionary Concept…

…has now become an international movement for total health and permanent, sustainable weight loss, with Gabriel Method Coaches in The US, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom

  • Desiree Manders
    Mentor & EFT Specialist

  • Brian Killian
    Fitness Specialist

  • Marjolijn Loderichs
    EFT Specialist

  • Heather Fleming
    Nutrition Specialist

  • Nadia Harper
    Detox Specialist

  • Melinda Jacobs
    Emotional Release Specialist

  • Janine Oliver
    Integrative Health Specialist

The best way to understand what The Gabriel Method is all about is to read Jon’s fist, book, The Gabriel Method, which you can do for free on this site…

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What people are saying about
The Gabriel Method


Tracy Lost 210 lbs (95 kgs )

Tracy Lost 210 lbs (95 kgs )

Tracy Whitton

Myles Lost 104 lbs (47 kgs)

Myles Lost 104 lbs (47 kgs)

Myles Sheba



Sharon Lost 45 lbs (20 kgs)

Sharon is a member of The Gabriel Method’s exclusive private coaching program. She’s already lost 45 lbs (20 kg) and continues to lose. In this lively discussion with Jon, she explains how The Gabriel Method got her out of the diet mentality and how Jon, the UCE coaches and fellow members helped her transformation.

Sharon Henry

Eric Lost 165 lbs (74 kgs)

Eric Mickelson has lost 165 pounds (74kg). Overweight since childhood and dealing with intense pain issues, Eric had almost lost the will to live. Since finding The Gabriel Method, Eric’s gone from being miserable to joyful, from living a life filled with pain to being pain free.

Eric Mickelson



Corky Lost 105 lbs (47 kgs)

Corky Stanton lost 47 kg (105lbs) and got his life back. Corky credits Jon Gabriel’s visualizations and transformation of his diet with helping him lose the weight and keep it off. Formerly unhappy and ill, Corky used to take 6 medications and couldn’t even tie his shoes. Now he enjoys backpacking, has a busy social life, and doesn’t need any medications, as his ailments are gone!

Corky Stanton

Christian Lost 115 lbs (52 kgs)

Christian Petersen lost 52kg (115 lbs) using the Gabriel Method. At only 19, Christian had already spent a decade trying diets before finding success with the Gabriel Method. In this video, Christian shares how he learned the psychological reasons behind his obesity, and describes how visualization and exercise were key to his radical body transformation.

Christian Petersen


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What experts are saying about
The Gabriel Method

The ONLY Useful Book On Sustainable Weight Loss

Your book is incredible: The only useful book on sustainable weight loss. I have recommended it to many of my patients. It is tremendously helpful and I think everyone should read it.

Dr. Daphne Goldberg M.D.
Member, Board of Directors, American Board of Holistic Medicine

“Brilliant! And Yet So Simple And Sensible”

This book represents a refreshing and comprehensive approach to weight loss, offering an abundance of practical considerations for individuals and healthcare practitioners alike.
…Groundbreaking and well-grounded in metabolic physiology, this work is a blessing to anyone struggling with this problem.

Dr. Nancy Sudak
The Conference Chairman American Holistic Medical Association

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